There are tons of reasons why 21% of Americans prefer pizza over all other foods. It’s portable, it’s delicious, and when you buy from a great local pizza joint you can enjoy fresh and fantastic ingredients.

But one of the best things about eating pizza is that there are tons of toppings and combinations to enjoy depending on your mood. Read on to learn about some of the best pizza topping combos you need to try next time you come to Landini’s Pizzeria.

The Classics

Before we can get into some of the more unique pizza toppings, we have to talk about the classics that never go out of style. Margherita pizza, a simple combination of tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil, is popular for its fresh and flavorful ingredients. It’s the gold standard in both Italy and America, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Those who love meat will also know the joys of pepperoni pies. They have a strong and smoky flavor that you’re sure to love. It pairs well with the mild flavors of the mozzarella and stronger tomato sauce.

Sausage is also a great classic option. It has a bit more bite than pepperoni because of its thicker and meatier texture. It kind of tastes like meat sauce when paired with the tomato sauce slathered on your favorite pizza crust, which is a huge plus.

Finally, veggie enthusiasts can enjoy a smattering of different vegetarian toppings. Tomato, spinach, black olives, red onions, zucchini, and even eggplant are fun to try.

Mushrooms, Spinach, and Green Peppers

But when it comes to veggie pies, nothing can beat a mushroom/spinach/green bell pepper trio.

These toppings all have earthy flavors, especially the mushrooms. The crunchy green pepper is also both juicy and thick to bite into. This complements the unique texture of the mushrooms well and creates a great taste sensation to boot.

Since spinach goes well with both mozzarella and tomato sauce, it’s a perfect addition to this deliciously-balanced pie.

Note that you can combine these toppings in any way you like. You don’t need to have all three for a great pie.

If you want to keep things a little simpler while bringing out the mushroom taste, forego the spinach or peppers. Some people don’t like mushrooms very much, and those individuals can just enjoy the green vegetable/cheese-and-sauce combination.

Ricotta-Based Combos

Ricotta is one of the healthiest cheeses in the world. If you’re on a diet, switching the mozzarella on your pizza out for ricotta can cut calories easily. It’s also a good protein source that’s low in sodium.

But even if you’re not on a diet, ricotta is a great choice. It’s mildly sweet and complements the tangy sweetness of tomato sauce well. However, it’s even better when paired with other sauces like Landini’s Pizzeria’s classic pesto.

Our meatball ricotta marinara is another great choice. It tastes a lot like a meatball sub but has an interesting texture and sweet tang. The ricotta’s moisture goes well with the juicy meat, and you can’t go wrong with this pie if you’re feeling adventurous.

Since ricotta is so fine and moist, some people also prefer to forego the sauce altogether. Simply pairing ricotta and spinach on a crunchy crust is a great way to play with both texture and flavor.

Caprese Pizza Toppings

Ordering pizza in Vegas or San Diego might sound challenging at first because of all the available combinations. But it doesn’t need to be when you think about the sandwiches and pasta-salad combos that you probably enjoy regularly.

Flavors translate well from one dish to another, and your favorite caprese panini will still be awesome in pizza form.

Ask for pesto sauce rather than marinara or another tomato-based sauce. Get your tomato fix by topping it off with tomatoes and mozzarella. Whether you want fresh tomato slices or sun-ripened dried alternatives, you’re sure to love this classic flavor mix.

Want to add a meatier touch? Ask for some chicken or Italian sausage on top of your caprese pizza!

Jalapeno Pineapple

Want to spice up your life and enjoy the heat? Jalapenos are a great way to get your blood pumping and your mouth excited. Adding them to pizza is an ideal way to enjoy jalapenos since the mozzarella cheese will soothe your tongue after the delicious spice works its magic.

Adding pineapple to a jalapeno pie also means complimenting the taste well. Pineapple is sweet and juicy, and how it contrasts with a spicy pepper is nothing short of divine. Try our La Piccante with Pepperoni, Jalapeno, Ricotta, and Pineapple. It is sure to satisfy!

Mexican Pizza

People don’t frequently associate pizza shop menus with Mexican food. However, foregoing this connection entirely means missing out on something great: Mexican pizza.

This is one of the best pizza topping combos because it’s unique and frequently overlooked. The main ingredients are chorizo, jalapeños, pepperoni, red onion, and cannellini beans. It’s spicy, it’s tangy, and it has a great texture because of the ground meat and beans.

If you’re looking to try something totally new, this tried-and-true but still widely underestimated combination is an awesome choice.

Burrata Pies

Another awesome pizza type you may have never heard of is Burrata pizza. It’s one of Landini’s most interesting and delicious offerings. This is partly because it’s a white pie, meaning that it has a coal-fired, chewy pizza crust.

The toppings include cherry tomatoes, pistachio mortadella, and burrata cheese. Mortadella is a delicious bologna variety, and ours is filled with pistachios baked into its meat. Burrata is meanwhile a smooth and mild cheese with a creamy and rich center wrapped up in classic mozzarella.

You’ve likely never had anything like this pie, so put it on the bucket list of the types of pizza you need to try soon.

Try the Best Pizza Topping Combos Today

Now that you know some of the best pizza topping combos to try, it’s time to begin ordering a meal from an awesome local pizza joint.

Whether you’re already a Landini’s enthusiast or a new customer looking to try the best pies in Cali and Vegas, there are tons of menu options that you can try today. Reach out to us with any remaining questions you have, and place an online order today!