Dear Friends and Family,

The health and safety of our customers and employees at Landini’s Pizzeria and Ristorante Illando is of highest priority. As concerns grow over the current health situation, we are more diligent than ever in our efforts to present and maintain a clean environment. As always, we want our guests to feel at ease when they visit our establishments.

Landini’s and Illando already practices healthy hygiene protocols and we have increased the frequency of these policies and procedures even more so.

We have asked all employees with any respiratory symptoms (i.e. coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever) to stay home.

It has always been mandatory for all employees to practice good hygiene and wash their hands throughout their workday.

We have increased the sanitization frequency of all handrails, doorknobs, bathrooms, etc. throughout the day.

We pay the same detailed attention to cleaning in all of our food prep areas, beverage stations and back-of-house operations

We appreciate your trust and confidence in Landini’s and Illando when you choose to visit us and we are committed to going above and beyond established guidelines to ensure you are greeted with a clean and safe environment.


Leonardo Landini, CEO and Founder